Where service and leadership UNITE

The following is a message I shared with my team recently. I thought it also appropriate to share here.

There’s really no easy way to start this, other than saying that we’ve seen a dark side of humanity in the past couple weeks.  Helplessness, outrage, frustration, hate, and other words seem to be commonly understood ways to explain how a lot of people feel.  

I went into education because I wanted to provide opportunities for students to live full, rich, creative and healthy lives. I suspect each of you have similar reasons that led you here–whether they were grounded in a desire to help children or because of our service-driven mission.  Regardless, opportunity and equity are implicit components of that mission.

Galvanize, verb, “to shock or excite (someone) into action”

I’m not the first person to say this, and I won’t be the last.  I wonder if everything we have been through with regard to the pandemic and now the unrest over the inhumane behavior we’ve witnessed will be just enough to force us all to look inward.  The more important question, however, is whether our recent experiences are enough to galvanize us as a society, a nation and a world. 

Now seems like an ideal time to rally around our vision, “where service and leadership unite.” The last thing I believe we need right now is more words.  However, we have an audience and we have opportunities to demonstrate our commitments through our actions. I don’t exactly know what that would look like for each of us.  But as our vision so clearly states, it starts with the way we serve and maybe being more explicit about what “equity” really means.


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