I finally understand.

For months, I’ve been bewildered by people who have resisted, even fought, the directive to wear a mask.  I’ve heard some people proclaim that being told to wear a mask is unconstitutional.  Others have argued that masks represent silence, slavery and social death. For lack of any rational explanation, I’ve defaulted to simply believing that a lot of people with these mindsets are just following their flock of misguided conspiracy theories and fears.

But recently I figured it out.

A few days ago I wore my mask to a local restaurant where I had some amazing mediteranean pizza loaded with garlic, red onions and feta cheese. Our of habit, I tossed the mask on my dash when I got to the car.

The next day, forgetting to grab a fresh mask for work, the choice was to pull my shirt up over my nose or don the old mask.  The former wouldn’t win me any prizes in the professionalism category, so I resigned to use the old mask.

And like a slap in the face, it hit me. The stench that came from that mask as I inhaled was unlike any I had smelled before.  It didn’t even resemble the delicious pizza from the night before. It was just plain old bad breath smell.

I wonder how many people with halitosis will have a renewed awareness of the need to gargle mouthwash after the masks come off.

But back to my point.  I’m elated to finally know the real reason behind the anti-masker cult.  They’ve got bad breath and they don’t want to smell it all day.

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