Wanna play Scrabble?

A while ago I wrote about how there is research that proves complaining can actually decrease a person’s intelligence.  The research suggests that when people who routinely repeat a behavior such as complaining, their brains are actually rewired to make it easier to engage in the same behavior in the future. And as we get used to the same thought pattern, it can easily take over our ability to handle more complex processes such as problem solving and reflection.

Based on the premise above, I believe the outcome of rewiring our brains–can transfer to a lot of other behaviors.  I noticed this while watching the news lately.

For the past several years, I’ve watched news channels and various hosts center their focus on items of a political nature.  It seemed like there was something huge every day.  And then for the past twelve months the same personalities offset the political items with matters of the pandemic.  Sometimes the two intersected.

But strangely, as there seems to be light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and the political narrative has changed, my favorite news personalities seem to be grasping. I almost get a feeling that they miss having their daily dose of drama neatly presented to them.  And I am not talking about one specific channel or media organization.  I’ve seen it on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and even talk radio. We’re watching an entire industry being flummoxed.

The problem is, I also got hooked on the drama. I think there’s actually a divot on my iPad where the Twitter app is.

If my hypothesis above is correct,  the media, me… and some of you may need to break a habit.  When I finally realized this, I started playing Scrabble online. And it seems to help. Instead of waiting to be fed more hype, I replaced that desire with a drive to score higher than my mother.  Higher order thinking.  

Have you noticed this happening to you recently or any time in the past?  How have you “reset?”

I also apologize if I’ve invited you to the Scrabble app.  And if I tried to win.

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