Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy

June 8th is National Upsy Daisy Day.  

Contrary to popular belief, “upsy daisy” doesn’t mean to hop up, although it is meant to remind us to think uplifting thoughts.  According to official sources, Upsy Daisy Day is set aside to encourage us to face the day with a positive attitude, and to “get up gloriously, gratefully and gleefully each morning.”

Even if you fight the urge, you cannot succeed in avoiding it.  All around us at this time of year colorful things are popping out of the ground, flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and festivals and fun outdoor events are ramping up.  Despite the challenges life tends to provide, Upsy Daisy Day is a good reminder that our attitude can make a difference.

Even upsy daisy’s cousin, oopsy daisy, has a purpose tied to encouragement or making light of an accident. 

So join me in remembering all the things for which we can be grateful. And when you see someone fumble, brighten their day by yelping a loud “oopsy daisy.” 

Give it a try!

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