What would you do with 100 extra hours?

Well, it is Sunday, November 7th and I am an hour early for CBS Sunday Morning.  That sentence should imply that I like my routines.  But in case it wasn’t clear, I do.  I like to be spontaneous, so long as I have time to plan it.  I also like to try new things, as long as I don’t have to give up the old ones. This actually makes me sound like I am set in my ways, which I really hope isn’t true. In the case of CBS Sunday Morning, however, I can’t remember the last time I was at home on a Sunday and didn’t watch that show. 

Today I am an hour early because of daylight savings tIme, or rather, the end of daylight savings time for 2021. Despite the fact that my internal clock hadn’t really changed, I am enjoying, and have always enjoyed that extra hour that falls just about the time I seem to need it. 

And that got me thinking….when I add up all the extra hours in a lifetime, that’s a lot of time. Well, not actually, since in the spring of 1895 George Hudson decided to take an hour away. My point, though, is that this unplanned, unscheduled and under-appreciated extra hour every fall is an opportunity to do something that normally wouldn’t have been fit into the schedule. Things like exercising, reading, writing (an article for people I care about), calling someone I hadn’t talked to for a while….the list is literally endless.

So, starting today, I decided that with the 50 or so years I’ll benefit from this extra hour, I will write about what I did.  As you’ve probably already guessed, the 2021 freebie was spent writing about…well…writing.  

Will you join me next year in doing something you typically would not have on the day we gain this illustrious hour?  And if, by chance, you had a similar revelation last Sunday, I’d be interested in hearing how you spent that extra hour.

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