impassionED Leadership

As an impassionED leader, you are transformational, persuasive and inspire others by your enthusiasm.

Services Include:

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves personalized consultation and support.  Executive coaching is ideal for any executive interested in developing leadership skills and establishing a confidential and ongoing feedback loop with a trusted accountability partner.  

Leadership Team Coaching 

Leadership Team Coaching provides personalized consultation and support to help transform teams. 


Flipped is an innovative approach to strategic planning that involves aligning resources and cultivating inspired team members to accomplish your organization’s strategic priorities.

Executive Evaluation 

The Executive Evaluation service provides a comprehensive assessment of the Superintendent or CEO’s performance. 

impassionED Accountability

This membership-driven service provides participants 24-7 access to help, support and feedback as well as an accountability coach who will assist you to achieve your goals and increase your productivity and effectiveness.  Membership is $4/month or $40/year.

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